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Hychlo™ Technology, Engineered to outperform:

The hychlo™ technology developed by Aquilabs represents the achievement of a necessary balance between safety and efficacy of hypochlorous acid (HOCl). Aquilabs has created a novel, stabilized chemical technology that offers rapid broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, without the adverse effects that can compromise quality or irritate the skin and respiratory systems. The Aquilabs’ technology is clearly differentiated from other methods to which have been used to access the therapeutic benefits of hypochlorous acid (HOCl):

» Delicate ionic balance, to allow the high concentration of HOCl species in the formulation.
» Oxide-reduction reactions to generate active HOCl molecules in solution.
» Special designed buffering agents for optimal activity and stability as well as compatibility with medical applications.
» Aquilabs’ formulation has a wide spectrum and long term action against microorganisms including multidrug resistant bacteria. It induces irreversible chlorination and oxidation of microbial components including cell wall proteins and respiratory electron transporters (ATP).
» The solution also has a high safety profile, confirmed by acute and sub-chronic toxicity studies on laboratory animals. All test performed according to the GLP and consistent with the evaluation of toxic substances established by EPA and FDA

Superior to other antimicrobial solutions

» Engineered to emulate biologically occurring HOCl-antimicrobial molecules.
» Greater than 99.999% elimination of microbial loads.
» Broad-spectrum biocidal activity within milliseconds against most common contaminant and pathogens found in healthcare facilities and industrial facilities.

Nonirritating, nontoxic with high safety profile

Like your business, we're committed to responsibility. The quality of your products and the safety of your employees are our top priorities.

Our solutions are designed to beat developing EPA and FDA regulatory standards. Our claim is: SAFETY AND EFFICACY FIRST.

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AquiLabs US. The antimicrobial technology company that puts efficacy first.

At AquiLabs, we believe that disinfection should never compromise, that strength and tolerability can coexist, and that a win for your bottom line need not come at the expense of employees or the environment.