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Engineered to outperform

Every hychloDAIRY™ Solution is specially formulated to prevent bovine matitis and promote milk quality without the risks associated with iodine-based dips and washes. And unlike other agents, hychlo dips leave no chemical or soap residue behind, reducing into simple salt and water.

The versatility of the hychlo platform allows you to switch to this superior antimicrobial with minimal hassle and begin improving the profitability of your dairy operations without delay.

With a 250 ppm solution in both control and high organic loads, testing showed a bacterial kill rate of 99.999% - a 6 log reduction.
*The following bacteria were killed: S.aureus, S.agalactiac, Enterococcus faecium, Carynebacterium bovis, and L. coli.

Conforms to National Mastitis Council Recommendations

Proven in field studies to prevent the onset of bovine mastitis and reduce mean somatic cell counts by nearly 37% over a 60 day period.

Leave the risks of iodine-based dips behind.

Limited iodine stocks leave and a volatile supply chain have led to dramatic price increases over the past year. Additionally, research has shown that excess iodine carries adverse health effects, and rising levels are attracting increased scrutiny from government regulators.

  • In 2010, 20% of Canadian BTM was found to exceeds acceptable limits*
  • In 2011 the U.S Environmental Protection Agency took steps to expand iodine monitoring in the dairy industry
  • 10-fold increase in iodine levels seen with spraying vs hand dipping

HYCHLODAIRY is iodine free, nonirritating, nontoxic and simple to use

  • Independently verified safety and outstanding tolerability
  • Prevents irritation, cracking or drying of the udder skin
  • Eliminates reliance on expensive dermal conditioners
  • Breaks down into harmless salt and water
  • Absolutely free from disposal requirements
  • Available in 1 gallon bottles, 55 gallon drums, and 240 gallon totes

What happens when your "good enough" disinfectant is no longer good enough?

When it comes to antimicrobial treatment, no one knows your business like you do. No one else makes the call, and no one else has your responsibility. hychloDAIRYTM Solutions was created for managers like you. Managers who put quality on par with profits and like to keep things simple.

hychloTM is a next technology teat dip-a smarter, safer, more cost effective approach to antimicrobial sanitation. In short, it's the new chemistry of clean. Now is the time to make the switch.

Find your hychloSOLUTION™ today at 1-305-885-3282, or email us here.

*500 micrograms per litre, established by Health Canada
† Established LD50 > 5000 mg/kg in animal testing on wistar rats and New Zealand rabbits over 14 days. Solution tested at 5000, 2500,and 1250 mg/kg.