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It’s a super-oxidized, water based, food-contact sanitizer and disinfectant that eliminates pathogens and non-infectious bacteria from poultry and meat carcasses and also prevents cross contamination in the chilled water section and other processing areas in the facility. HychloFC™ sanitizes and disinfects the On-Line Reprocessing (OLR) water in the chiller tanks and finishing chillers, as well as for applications throughout evisceration, secondary processing and prevention of cross contamination in the chilled water and other processing areas in the facility.

Antimicrobial Efficacy

The antimicrobial efficacy of HychloFC™ has been demonstrated in both field and in vitro studies. Current evaluations have been made to test its abilities to reduce populations of bacteria (E.coli and coliforms, Salmonella spp. and Campylobacter) when the solution is applied onto the whole chicken carcasses in chiller tanks.

  • Graphic shows the % of Inhibition of Salmonella, E. coli, C. jejuni and Total coliforms after treatment with hychloFc in chiller tanks
  • * Chickens carcasses were inoculated with 100 µl of a cocktail of Salmonella, Campylobacter and E. coli cocktail. (Inoculation level: 4.0log10 cfu/g).
  • *Chickens carcasses were submerged in the chiller baths for 70 minutes. Samples were taken at different times for APC.
  • * No treated carcasses and carcasses submerged in chiller water at (36-38ºF) were used as control. Note: Not EPA/FDA approve claims

The data in in-vitro and field studies demonstrate that using HychloFC™ at its recommended concentration shows an important inhibition (more than 99.9%) of important microorganisms such as: Salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter present in contaminated poultry carcasses, even in presence of high organic load. The same results have been obtained in efficacy and safety studies on beef carcasses.

The ability of HychloFC™ to eliminate infectious and non-infectious bacteria from food supplies and prevention of cross contamination in aqueous baths has been illustrated in numerous studies and reports.

All the above data demonstrate that HychloHSD™ (Industrial) used as a sanitizer in processing plants and HychloFC™ used as a food contact solution on beef and poultry carcasses provide a new and safe alternative to controlling pathogens and food borne illnesses.

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