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Hychloderm™ skin and wound care product, is a topical solution for the cleansing of any kind of wounds, removal of foreign material, as well as to moisten and lubricate wounds.

Hychloderm™ Contains 0.01% hypochlorous acid (HOCl) in saline buffer obtained through Aquilab’s patent proprietary process for optimal activity, stability as well as compatibility with the normal pH of the skin.

Benefits of Hychloderm™

  • Easy application for a fast cleansing of wounds
  • Hydrates dry wounds and maintain an optimal moist wound-healing environment
  • Non-staining, non-oily and high safety profile
  • Non-irritating, non-sensitizing and non-cytotoxic to granulation tissue
  • pH balanced
  • Due to its liquids properties, it fills uneven and difficult to reach areas
  • No known drug/treatment interactions or contraindications
  • Meets all requirements of USP51