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AquiLabs US. The antimicrobial technology company that puts efficacy first.

ABOUT "Who we are"

Aquilabs: The antimicrobial technology company that puts efficacy first.

At Aquilabs, we believe that disinfection should never compromise, that strength and tolerability can coexist, and that a win for your bottom line need not come at the expense of employees or the environment.

Our breakthrough Hychlo™ technology platform is the culmination of years of re-engineering hypochlorus acid chemistry. The result is an antimicrobial of unrivaled efficacy, stability and remarkable versatility to enhance the quality of your product and improve your profitability at the same time.

From industrial operations, to a range of diverse commercial applications, we pride ourselves on the adaptability of our Hychlo™ platform. Our specialists are partnering with clients across the United States to make the simple switch to HychloSOLUTIONS™ even easier. It's a smarter, safer, more cost-effective approach to antimicrobial sanitization.

Welcome to the new era in Antimicrobial solutions.

Luis Eduardo Belalcazar

Justo Calderón Robles
Inventor of Formulation and Technology